Thursday, August 4, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Zombie Reasoning

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Don't forget that 99% of percentages aren't 1%. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Zombie Reasoning

         When the zombie outbreak started people didn't question where it came from. Perhaps they should have to understand the pattern of the horde. The zombies attacked not only people but other living beings. Animals and plants. When they bit humans the humans turned to their kind, when they touched plants or animals some sort of strange effect would change it into some sort of mutation of itself or a bizarre transformation. Often it would crystallize or turn to something like amber. The zombies would take what they changed and pile it up in various ways before moving on to make more zombies. The fruitless battle against the zombies made people wonder about the undead's actions while they fled from them. The zombies, fed on the few creatures that didn't change to crystal, reproduced by converting others to their kind, and stacked the various creatures and plants they changed into substances.
       People only understood the zombie's reasoning behind their actions when they became one themselves. They were all creating art, or the closest thing they could to art, out of the various things they transformed. A pillar of crystallized animals served as a sculpture in the zombie mind. This all came from the first person in the zombie outbreak. A test subject in the lab that created the virus. An aspiring artist who's creative subconscious became transmitted along with the zombie plague.

         After the plague covered the Earth all that remained from humanity were decaying buildings along with the undead and their art.

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