Sunday, August 28, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Meowser And Fluffy

“There's something in my eye.”
Inspector Gadget* #quote

It's good when something is rosy. It's bad when something gets thorny. But shouldn't both always happen at the same time? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Meowser And Fluffy

         Meowser laid on his warm bed next to the wall. An old white cat he didn't care much for moving or noise. His primary activities involved sleeping and watching everyone if he cared to do it. Normally noise remained at tolerable levels all the time. Until they got him. That little brown nuisance.
         They called him Fluffy. They gave the runt a bed right next to his own but the new kitten enjoyed moving around causing a ruckus and the humans enjoyed playing with him in the loudest of manners. Making all sorts of obnoxiously loud cutesy noises. They brought over more humans to see Fluffy. And the clawing. The humans bought a new scratching post and when the new pest clawed away at it the sound worked its way right into Meowser's head and bounced around again and again grinding against his brain. He wondered how he could have possibly not been this annoyed at his own scratching. He wanted to hiss at the new nuisance at his life and make it run away. But he felt way too old for that.

         Then one day Fluffy decided to lie up against Meowser in his bed and fall asleep. Quiet. Fluffy gently slept with slow, gentle silent breaths. Meowser looked at the kitten and thought of either clawing or hissing at the nuisance in his life. But then he just fell asleep. He decided that the kid will learn to be quiet sooner or later and it'd be too much effort to shut him up. However if the humans get a dog there will be hell to pay.  

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