Monday, August 1, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Immorality Immortality

“The one thing I want to leave my children is an honorable name.”
George Foreman*
My grandma came over and we watched some detective shows together. It was quite fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Immorality Immortality

          I stabbed a man to death then stole his wallet. Took only the money and left behind the credit cards. That would leave greater emotional pain to the family and others as it would downplay quick midnight murder I did to simply petty greed. I didn't need the money with all the banks I've robbed. That wasn't my profit. My profit was the sin itself. The evil I did by leaving a the dead body of some poor man in the street is what I needed. That crime against humanity.
        The sin bought me more time to live. That's the deal I stroke with the demon that visited me on my deathbed. Sin for life. He started me with petty evil but the costs got higher and I got used to it all. I lost empathy for my fellow human beings and only cared for living. So now I simply wait to learn what the exchange rate is for another day. I don't know why the demon wants me to commit sin, what his motive is. Entertainment? Or is there some way that he feeds off my evil? I do know his motives for picking me. A veteran cop like myself would be great for gathering sins and getting away with it, knowing how to cover my tracks. I was smart enough to wear rubber gloves when I stabbed the man and stole money from his wallet. Though I stopped caring for others a years ago I still wonder what the price for more time will be the next day. Must I do less or more for another day on this Earth? Maybe my empathy for other would return and the sins would simply kill my mind and soul just to leave my body behind.

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