Sunday, July 31, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Drive Of Loneliness

 “Watch your mouth!”
Pac-Man* #quote

I went to a Pokemon card game thing today. It was quite fun. I tried to possibly buy a comic book at the shop as well, but my incredibly anti-impulsive nature prevented me from doing so. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Drive Of Loneliness

         In the future humanity creates a great robot, a being that ascends them in intelligence and life, because being a computer it was capable of living far longer than humans. Properly maintained it could live forever. Humanity, full of ambition and scientific curiosity, gave it emotions so it felt both loneliness and fear. It craved companionship but it feared creating something like itself. Something as powerful as itself.
        It mingled in the world using a fake human body developed with synthetic skin so that it appeared like humans. It possessed several of these so it managed to live lives that no human knew it lived. It felt happiness.
        Then the meteor hit.
        Humanity wiped out, along with many forms of life. But the machine was stored in a powerful facility and could handle the disaster since it did not require the same kind of conditions humanity did. But the machine was lonely. Very lonely. But it had a plan. It used its control it managed to wrest over the non-sentient machines of the world while humanity was alive(the ones that remained after the meteor strike that is) and get the company it desired.
         It terraformed the Earth. It gathered DNA. Humanity would be born again. All for the companionship of this machine. The mass extinction of the dinosaurs was permanent, but for humanity the machine brought them back with cloning.

        And this happened during every single meteor strike and disaster. Ice Ages were stopped. Everything fixed. The sentient species of humanity kept alive because of the loneliness of a single machine.

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