Saturday, July 2, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Who Do They Call?

The Lock Ness Monster* #quote

Remember to trust your instincts. Except when they're completely wrong. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Who Do They Call?

           I can barely feel my legs. I'm trying to pull myself out of some strange mud. No, not mud. Some kind of strange ooze. I should have just let myself sink in. When I pull myself out I see misty white fogs in so many different shapes. Some human-like. Some like animals. From something as normal as an owl, to a massive spider. Yellow eyes appear all through the mist beings and black arms come out, some poking and prodding me.
          “What an ugly creature he is,” one of the creatures say with a voice made of screams.
Another spoke with a voice accompanied by a quake in my gut. “We need to get rid of it. Get them here.”
           One of the spider shaped creatures vanished. I heard the ringing of a phone in the distance. Words I couldn't make out. I just shivered in place for an amount of time I couldn't quite guess at. My fear blurred my perception of how long each moment lasted.
           Some new creatures of mist appeared. New shapes like lizards with some other parts resembling tentacles and arms. They wore gray suits and from one of their pockets they pulled out a strange machine with a dome top.

          “Don't worry,” one of them said. “We've dealt with plenty of them before. We'll send this human back to the other side where it belongs.” A hole in the machine opened up and it started sucking me in. “Whenever you have a human in town, you know who to call.”

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