Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Alexander And The Ocean

 “It's a rental.”
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Every day is a maze of possibilities. Don't get lost because you think you'll keep making wrong turns. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Alexander And The Ocean

        Trees. Great grandpa kept trying to get me to understand what they were until the day he died but I never really could get a clear image in my head. However I could imagine them much better than clouds. Even if I didn't understand his stories completely I still loved listening. The surface sounded much more interesting than the ocean. After going on about his stories great grandpa would say, “But don't worry Alexander, you've got a wonderful life here!”
         My ancestors started a project to colonize the ocean. Everything was built on the surface and sunk below. Turbines provide power by sitting right in the path of the powerful currents we live in. We don't need the surface's Sun because of special lamps that can use that electricity to create light that works the same. Genetically engineered algae makes our food and recycles our air, like the trees of the surface. The little city that I live in that we slowly use our submarines and divers to gather materials and expand.
        That's how my world came into being. And since we're self-sufficient when the surface world stopped making contact, we've managed on our own.
         I want to be a diver as my job. I'm getting older and training for a job is my next step in life. When I dive I want to be one of the ones that explores further and further away from the city. It's a tough job because you need to wear special suits, different from the diving suits that people from the surface normally use, and spend an hour in a pressurizing water chamber before being able to go outside. But even if it hurts, I want to do it. Get out of our little metal city.

         Then maybe, just maybe I can help us explore far enough to figure out how to get to the surface. And hopefully someday I'll get to see a tree.

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