Monday, July 18, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Amber And Amber

 “Don't take things from strangers.”
Snow White* #quote

At every moment some part of the Earth is covered in day and the other in night. That means that at every moment there is always someone dreaming. Though the dreamers don't have to be the ones sleeping on the dark side of the planet. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Amber And Amber

        Amber the fly flew about in the forest under the shadow of leaves in a windy day. She couldn't orient herself as easily as she normally could and became less focused. She hit something in between the branches. A spider's web. The monster that would consume her. At this point the only thing Amber could do was wait for the end to come.

         Amber the spider waited on her web in the forest under the shadow of leaves in a windy day. She feared for her life. She was hungry. And if the wind broke her web she doubted she could prepare one in time before starving, especially since she would have to climb up a tree to find a good pair of branches to weave it between. A bit of it snapped she made a speedy repair. Her fear grew as she imagined another break. However she was blessed as a disoriented fly fell into her web. She would live another day.

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