Thursday, July 14, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Immortal Farmer

 “Quit clowning around.”
P.T. Barnum* #quote

Good memories can be the most troublesome things. They can be difficult to find and so easy to lose.

The Immortal Farmer

        An old farmer tilled the soil with a magical sword. The strange hook of the weapon and the fact it could cut, penetrate or wreck anything he desired meant it could suit this purpose just fine. While he worked a knight a good foot taller than him walked up to him.
        “Almond skin, black hair, green eyes. Fits the description,” The knight said with while looking down at him. “Are you Sir Hedwind?”
         “I'm carrying the Immortal Sword. Don't ask stupid questions you know the answer to.” Sir Hedwind replied.
          “I seek a duel for your sword, do you accept?” The knight asked.
Sir Hedwind, “At least you didn't try to kill me in my sleep. I'll give you credit for that. But no, I will not duel you.”
           The knight's formal voice became a bit shaky. “Kill you in your sleep? Why would you think such a thing? I will best you in a duel, not do something so dishonorable!”
           Sir Hedwind smiled. “Whoever manages to kill me gets the power of the Immortal Sword and won't age. The only way someone can die who owns the sword is if someone kills them. Most people try to kill me in my sleep to guarantee they will get it. They've never succeeded. I don't like killing the people that ambush me, and I don't like killing the people that duel me either. So I will say it again, I will not duel you.”
          The knight approached Sir Hedwind as close as he could to tower over him and spoke with a demanding tone. “I am not leaving without that sword.”
           Sir Hedwind replied, “Do you know what fertilizes my farm? A few animals I hunt and the many people who come to murder me for the Immortal Sword. After all, I don't know who their families are to return their body for a more proper burial.”

          The knight looked at tilled soil and turned around without looking back. Some did not make the same choice and fell to Sir Hedwind, the most skilled knight in all the lands.

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