Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The First Protagonists

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What if echoes are just the voices of your stalkers? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The First Protagonists

           The first protagonists are brothers. Or sisters. Yet siblings but also their parents but also they are both part one and the same. To ancient cells that came from one cell that drifted away from the ooze that life first came from. Since mitosis is one cell becoming two these two cells can be all those but none of them. In this story our protagonists will be known as brother and sister, Sam and Sally.
A human protagonist brings themselves into the mind of the reader through descriptions of their long, waxy, strawberry-blonde hair. Their short height and strong stride. Their jade eyes with a strong glare.
           The cells Sam and Sally had no luxury of vivid human features. They floated in the primordial petri dish of life with blubbery blue bodies. The biological clockwork within them jostled around as they moved like meatballs in a plate of spaghetti. However each of these pieces held their own vibrant color and hue as if someone broke apart a rainbow and scattered it in them.
Now what of these protagonists? What could two cells do? They could not make a romance, save kingdoms, solve a murder mystery, stop an alien invasion or do any sort of thing that a deep human protagonist could do.
           But they shared two things with human protagonists. One: They had a goal to fulfill. To multiply. And Two: They could die.
           So Sam and Sally stood still and gathered through their various celluar processes the energies needed to create more of their kind. Slowly but surely they did. However towards the moment of them beginning their process of multiplication the antagonist makes his appearance.
The large, tyrannical amoeba. Simple its process and the only reasoning behind how it chooses its food is whom can be devoured. At this level of life there is no empathy. The amoeba's body opens like a hand to grab the cell of choice.
       Both Sam and Sally started their splitting at this time, side by side. Without the amoeba's presence four cells would arise from Sam and Sally. The normal result of mitosis. But now one sibling bids another farewell.

         The amoeba wraps around Sam. He is crushed and broken down for the amoeba to eat molecule by molecule. Sally continues her work of mitosis as this happens. The antagonist takes long enough to digest Sam that where Sally once floated over one hundred cells floated. Both Sam and Sally no longer existed and the amoeba would have a feast. But enough would live on to multiply the legacy of the protagonists would persevere.

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