Saturday, July 9, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Good Fortune Of A Text Message Mishap

“Would you like to buy a vowel?”
John Kramer, Saw* #quote

People are like trees. You should think twice before cutting one down. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Good Fortune Of ,A Text Message Mishap

          One merry old day Blork of the planet Erghlor entered his friends contact information incorrectly into his cellphone while orbiting Earth. So he set his text message unwittingly to a young boy named James.
           “Sup Jorulong, I'm gonna 2 totally blow this planet up. It'll b funny.”
           “It's named Earth. I bet u that u will c the blast from ur house.”
            As James looked at text message bubbles on his phone he wondered if this was the dumbest prank call in the universe or what. Well, if he was going to play along he better do it in the smart way.
           “How about you go and blow up an asteroid field in the next solar system, it'll look cooler.”

           “Woah, cool idea man, lol.” James disregarded the entire thing until he read in a science magazine many years later(it does take some time for light to travel through the vastness of space) that a gigantic asteroid field seems to have strangely exploded in another solar system with no scientific explanation.

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