Monday, July 11, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Library Of Lives

“Nobody is better than anyone else.”
Superman* #quote

I wonder if any of the chess champions that lost to supercomputers ever thought of unplugging them. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Library Of Lives

           Spirits on the Other Side document the world of the living to preserve them. The spirits who write the biographies of the living are nicknamed Recorders by other spirits. The Recorders naturally want to get famous doing their job, as any writer would, and pull in the biggest ethereal cash by having as many other spirits read their work.
          So they fight over the rights for the most interesting people in the world, and if they can't get them, they spin each person's biography into the most sensational story possible. They don't necessarily show every detail in the books and use their craft to make the biographies extravagant tales as much as they can.

         When one of these Recorders writes about you how do you think they will tell the story? If you're the hero who's the villain? What have been the plot twists? What's the climax? And most importantly...what will be the ending?

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