Monday, July 25, 2016

Today's #flashfiction

 “Don't head towards the light!”
Mothra* #quote

People talk about using your head, but what using your lungs or kidneys? Aren't those important too?

Philip The Astronaut

           Philip the astronaut climbed along the outside of his space station to perform maintenance on one of the outside cameras. Something had been shaken loose and he needed to repair it. The trip went as planned, every movement taken with the caution. Just like practiced on the simulation chambers on Earth where they suspended you from wires to simulate space he felt the routine as brushing his teeth.
          Then something caught his eye. A cardboard box. It floated in space just out of reach and had strange markings on it. Like an alien language. The box was closed with tape. On stamps on the box were pictures of a monstrous face. Philip couldn't believe the conclusion his brain reached. Was he looking at lost mail in space? Did some alien ship loose a shipment?
         Earth's gravity pulled the box in out of reach and without the camera on only his word would be proof of the box. The mail would burn up in the atmosphere. Philip decided he'd rather not sound crazy and decided to never speak of the box and tried to forget about it as he fixed the camera and returned to the space station.

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