Sunday, July 3, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Human Trainer

 “Quit it with all that racket!”
Left Pong Paddle* #quote

The world is round, yet the ground seems flat. Perhaps our minds and reality should compromise and just say the world is a cylinder. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Human Trainer

          Fido spoke to the other dogs at the park after the collective customary behind sniffing of canines finished. “My friends, remember that humans predictable creatures. You just need to understand them and control them.”
        “But they're the master!” A little lapdog squeaked. Fido, a Great Dane, loomed over the runt before replying.
         “They may own us. They control the food supply. But they are a game. A game to play. Do you like games? Just find out the rules for your human and play them like a game. Find out what's acceptable and what you can get away with. Slowly you can change your human even by breaking some of these rules little by little.”
         “And making our eyes look really, really cute?” a bulldog asked.

Fido smiled, “That's mandatory. That's what breaks them the most.”

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