Friday, July 8, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Mayor Quackers

“Every one made to order.”
Henry Ford* #quote

CJ will be coming over tomorrow. Also we may or may not have a celebrity guest in a form of a robotic clone of them. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Mayor Quackers

          “Thank you, thank you for re-electing my flock!” Mayor Quackers bowed to his fellow ducks. “As mayor I'll lead the flock to the South for the winter and be sure to arrange proper mating for the entire flock that will benefit our generations. My defensive flight and nesting plans will also keep predators at bay.”
           From the group listening to Quackers one emerged while pointing its wing at him. “What do you have to say to the accusations that you led predators to your greatest competition previous mayor Mr. Featherton leaving only the unpopular Mr. Wingly to run against you?”
          The Mayor replied with the perfectly politically aggressive tone. He expressed anger yet showed a civil side to his words to avoid giving off a bad impression. “Those accusations are completely unfounded. Ridiculous. Whoever came up with them has a sick mind to think me a murderer.”

          The accusing duck looked Mayor Quackers in the eyes and could see that he wasn't lying. The mayor did not lead predators to Mr. Featherton. What that duck didn't know was that Mayor Quackers's wife led a predator to Mr. Featherton.

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