Sunday, July 10, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Ancient Age Comes Before Beauty

“Based on a true story.”
Aesop* #quote

Hangin' with CJ today. Hopefully we aren't interrupted by some aliens and their wars among the stars. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Ancient Age Comes Before Beauty

        “We look the same, the jewelry that is our home is the same. Why are the price tags beneath us different?” The young man-made diamond asked the several million year old diamond in the other piece of jewelry in the same case.
        The old diamond replied in the tongue of stone, “It is true our bodies are the same. We share the same shining beauty that humans admire. But I have learned something over the many, many years I have lived. Before I became placed in this jewelery the humans traded me. They have strange wants that are very difficult to understand. We are the same yet you were manufactured. I am a creation of nature. I have an age you do not. They desire that.”
        “Age? Why does that matter to them?” The young stone asked, annoyed at his apparent inferiority, despite the fact he probably had less flaws than the natural diamond.

        “I can only guess young one. I have a few guesses, but maybe in another few million years I will know why.”  

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