Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Doodle Duel

“Three pills, twice a day.”
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My friend Jessica is coming over this weekend so that'll be a mountain of fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Doodle Duel

         The setting of the fight was history class. Boring history class. Sam normally thought history was interesting. But today it was mind-numbingly boring. Today was Thursday. And that meant review. Sam was too smart to need it, and since he liked history enough he remembered everything the first time. So now everything was a dull mess. The only solution was to use his rather mediocre drawing skills to create a doodle duel on paper to pass the time.
          He began by drawing two stick people on his notebook paper. He drew a line and a hump on top of the head of one to add a hat. That made his cowboy. He turned the other one's face into a mask, leaving a slit with eyes left. That was his ninja.
          He drew two squares in each of their hands then an oval coming from each of those boxes. Those were their chainsaws. Those ovals from each of those boxes were drawn to meet, the two combatants were fighting with their chainsaws. Sam wrote “RrRrrrRrrrrrR”
          Added fire at their feet. Why? Because there are very few things in this world that are not more awesome without fire. The fire was fierce. He layered it over and over.
          He wasn't content with only two combatants. So he added another. A wizard with an incredibly pointy hat. He drew the wizard riding upon a dinosaur, or a cow. With Sam's drawing skills an onlooker couldn't tell what the wizard was riding.
           Sam decided he would bring in one more fighter. A box with an eye inside with lines coming from it. (Those lines being the arms and legs) This was the only the way he knew how to draw a robot.
           He then added tension by drawing thunder clouds. Puffs with zig-zags flying across the page. He gave each combatant a laser gun too to add more danger. (Pretty much just a box with a line as a handle and LASER written on it.) Soon he was going select a winner by drawing explosions over all the losers. But a harbinger of peace would come to stop the duel.

         “Sam? You're drawing during review again? Put your doodles away and turn back to your notes that you took during the week. Don't make me take your pencil away.” The teacher turned away and continued the lecture and no doodle blood was spilled that day.

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