Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Otherworldy Knight

“Lift with your legs.”
King Arthur* #quote

The thing about celebrities is that work like real stars, inevitably they burn out.

Otherwordly Knight

          Sir Eyut rode his tentacled yoc-yoc through the lands as it spout ink across fields, mountains and whatever terrain he passed. Whether stopping bandits or saving damsels from fire-breathing, slime covered horkoks his bravery never wavered. His armor clanged while hiding the wounds on purple skin. But he didn't care.
          While Sir Eyut went on his way another knight moved on his world. Sir James rode his horse, stopped bandits, saved damsels from dragons and his bravery never wavered. His armor clanged as well, hiding just as brutal wounds on his skin.

          They both didn't care as they both fought for the same reason, the glory of adventure.   

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