Thursday, July 7, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Monster Party

“Video games are getting too realistic.”
Neo* #quote

CJ should be coming over this weekend so that'll be wonderfully funcakes. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Monster Party

         The dragon band stood tall while they played jazz. Fire burst out of their instruments when they puffed into them making a blazing show of sound and light. Monsters of all kinds danced in the club. Well, there was plenty of drinking too, with ogres chugging the most down. But ogres were happy drunks and told merry stories while treating strangers like family.
        These parties were common among monsters because when the night waned and day came the world became a vastly different place. The humans would come to hunt them, with their knights clad in strong armor and their wizards knowledgeable in the most powerful of magic.

        Monster felt that parties made sure that they could have a wonderful time before their last day on this Earth. They toasted to the Moon, a symbol of safety and happy times while they danced into late night.  

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