Thursday, July 28, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Everything Is More Fun Than A Barrel Full Of Monkeys

“It's hammer time!”
Bob the Builder*

You'd think gun magazines would be loaded with paper, not bullets. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Everything Is More Fun Than A Barrel Full Of Monkeys

        My name is Marilyn, and I'm know for being a party animal. I host the greatest parties. From the crazy parties that run through the night to the upper class ones that all the snooty people just to be snooty. Through my life my parties got better and better. I made party fever a real condition, and I became the ultimate contagion. But one day, at one of the most wild of parties I had ever thrown I thought to myself “I can never do anything funner than this.”
         I fell into a depression as I couldn't come up with to make a more fun, wild party. I worked at it for weeks. My friends grew worried as I spent a whole month without throwing a party. As I worked to brainstorm a masterpiece. What could I do to make the ultimate party? I asked myself, “Marilyn, what defines fun?”
         After days of sleep deprivation worrying about my parties I realized...a barrel full of monkeys. Everyone says “more fun than a barrel full of monkeys”. Monkeys are the standard for party fun! So that is what I will have!
         So at my ultimate party I brought my idea to life. A party all my friends came to since they were eager to see what I chose to do after waiting so long to throw another party. I didn't bring just one barrel full of monkeys. Ten barrels full of monkeys! And I opened them with all of my curious friends gathered around.
         Apparently everything is more fun than a barrel full of monkeys. Everyone told me afterward that they hated my party idea and anything would have been better. I should have figured from the panicked screams as the angered monkeys leaped out from the barrels and ran around the building, half of them attacking guests and the others wreaking havoc all around. Nobody wants to come to my parties anymore...  

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