Saturday, July 25, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Angela's Patience

 “I'm not fat, I'm just big boned.”
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There are so many conspiracy theories in the world they may be obscuring the conspiracy truth. Though aren't conspiracies made of piles of lies? Perhaps the happy middle ground is ignorance. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Angela's Patience

         Little Angela stood on a chair by the stove next to the pot she put on the stove. She filled it with water and put the stove on high. She didn't avert her eyes from it. She couldn't. The girl pulled her brown hair to distract herself from the soreness in her reddening in her normally pretty blue eyes. She had kept them open because she wasn't sure if blinking counted. When she heard what she thought was the cat knocking around something in the distance, she could have checked what it was. But no matter what sound it was she didn't move her eyes away from the pot. No matter what excuse presented itself she kept her eyes unblinking and they grew more and more sore.
         Eventually enough time passed that bubbles formed in the pot, from one or two a minute apart to one every second and eventually the pot came to a full boil. When the pot began to boil Angela smiled, turned off the heat of the stove and blinked her eyes over and over.

        She finally proved her parents wrong on something. A watched pot does boil.

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