Sunday, July 5, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Benjamin Blade

“Your soul for immortality.”
Deal or No Deal* #quote
Seizures were down today so that was really good, and it seems that Jessica will be hangin' out on Wednesday which will be fun. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Benjamin Blade

         Most magical weapons have titles while they wait to be used for the adventures, wars and epics of humans. Ted had the title, Excalibur one of high armament nobility. I only carried the simple title of Blade, a magical weapon barely above the normal blades of the day.
         Just like any weapon a human picked me up and used me for his ends. Hacking and slashing, I participated in a few wars as I changed hands. My magical powers did make me desirable and more durable than others. At least for long enough that some bold soul managed to pull me up and plunge me into the head of a despicable ogre that terrorized the countryside.
        In the end maybe I should have regretted getting a title. Whether it's magical or mundane a weapon ages and over time I became unusable. I became discarded. By coincidence I found myself rusting away in the same little storage shack with Excalibur, the people who owned us not being able to tell difference of us from a normal swords because our magical powers and sharpness already rusted away. In my final days I wondered if I should consider myself inferior to Excalibur because his title granted him immortality in his name, if his life should be greater than mine due to his fame. However I remembered how much I accomplished in my life, how many people I helped, and although I don't know how he thinks about his life I'm happy with the one I lived.   

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