Thursday, July 30, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Shiro's Intution

 “Refinance your home today!”
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If there was air, and sufficient safety equipment, would it be fun spin around in a giant laundry machine roller coaster style? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Shiro's Intuition

          Bring Your Child To Work Day usually held a certain routine at the massive Fruitsoft computer company. The public relations heads chose who would use the opportunity to give speeches to the employees and their children. Every one of these days a few select parents and their children would get to see a few of the new Fruitsoft technology. The corporation gave out bonuses that day to everyone no matter their performance during the year. The event created a wonderful image for them.
         Shiro's father Kaede brought him to Bring Your Child To Work Day like he did any other and they looked at all the displays while they saw the C.E.O. working his way through all the members in the corporation saying one or two things to them before moving onto the next. He spoke to everyone in every position, from board members to janitors and everything between.
         “Mr. Mori! Good to see you! Your kid looks like he's grown.” The C.E.O. said with his earnest sounding voice as he went from employee to employee. The boss of the company, Kyle Ruby, was famous for was his kindness and near flawless memory. People smart enough caught on that his kindness often stemmed from the fact that he could merely memorize the details he needed and a long list of unique compliments and unique remarks to make it seem he cared about his employees. When he traveled from person to person he remembered them, the thing he prepared to say the night before then moved on. Kaede Mori was not one of those people smart enough to catch on to it.
         “Why do you hate us?” Shiro Mori asked. Mori's boy however did have enough intuition to read the man's intention after hearing the man speak to them after a few Bring Your Child To Work Days. Ruby turned to the boy when he normally would pretend to that he didn't hear people that addressed him out of order. The people who ever caught onto him knew him very well.
Kyle then smiled exactly like a best friend. “What do you mean? I don't hate you.”
          Kaede then put his hand on his son's shoulder so quickly it almost knocked off the little baseball hat he wore. “Now don't be rude Shiro. Mr. Ruby is a very nice man.” The son knew that when his father put his hand on his shoulder that he meant it but Shiro knew that something was up. That's why he chose to speak out this year. The businessman felt different somehow.
         Shiro then told Ruby, “You're like a picture when you look at us. The only person you look at differently is Miss Keys.”
             Ruby grew angry, an honest emotion emerged from all the ones he memorized. He then glared at Shiro and said, “You want to get your dad fired?”
           An angry tone from the C.E.O. drew attention from the entire room. Miss Keys, a coworker of Kaede and a single mother, needed a job with her current income to support her kids. Kyle Ruby found an opportunity in this to use her for his...extramarital entertainment. Out of fear of losing her job she never had the courage to mention it, however Shiro brought the entire issue to the attention of everyone.
            Shiro then said, “You only like Miss Keys. But she doesn't like you at all. I think you should stay away from Miss Keys.” Cellphones already popped out of half the kids hands in the room and started recording, since several of them on the older side already knew what was going to happen.
Ruby, oblivious to the cellphones on all the kids, and assuming himself invincible in his position replied. “I can do whatever I want to whichever women I want. If Miss Keys doesn't listen to me I'll fire her. And for you trying to be such a smart-ass I'll fire your father too.”

              The cellphones of the children caught it on camera, several teenagers with more expensive cellphones managed to get it in high definition. Next the Internet got a new viral video with Kyle Ruby's confession of his crimes and a prison got a new tenant.

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