Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Ownership

 “That's my story and I'm sticking to it.”
Aesop* #quote

Today I created a creation that created a creation for creating creations. Anyway onto the flash fiction!


          “We really should resolve our differences before he gets to the pharmacy,” a deep, gentle fatherly voice suggested from inside my head.
           Another voice in my head, one that sounded like that of an agitated office worker, then replied, “Benjamin you just want us to rush to a decision to put yourself in power.”
           Benjamin laughed, the sound echoing through my head. “My dear Ollie. You afraid of little old me?”
          A raspy voice that sounded so weak it could neither belonging to someone young or old said, “Isn't it right to fear everyone?”
          Hundreds of voices of usually then spoke up yelling various things at each other while I entered my car. It'd been a few years since this last happened. Since the voices came and tried to take over. Ollie and Benjamin usually tried to wrestle power and become me. At least that's what the delusions were. The medications made it so I managed to keep myself. The pharmacy filled my prescription late. The drugs just came out of my system a few hours ago. I needed my medicine before the voices took over. I hoped that maybe I made some recovery of my own since the third voice that fought against Benjamin and Ollie for power didn't appear, but then I heard him.
         “Heya folks!” Parker, the third leading voice sounded like a deep, static-y recording of two children, a boy and a girl, talking at once. “The Ben-ster is right, if we don't work together at least for a bit then the host is going to keep his free will. I for one would love to have to a body again. Remember the last time we took over Jared? We got brown hair we could comb and cut and got to enjoy eating all that delicious food. Then all that money we got to'll be a party! Party!”
          The mass of voices that followed the three leaders responded with a booming yell, “Yeah! Let's party with Parker!”
          Benjamin then countered, “Don't try to make taking back Jared for our own some party. It is a serious affair!” I tried to ignore the voices, putting the keys in my car and starting my drive to the pharmacy. I needed the pills. Now. If the voices took over they would keep me from taking them. But if I got them in my system I would be safe again.
          The static in Parker's voice cleared and the two voices became distorted in a different way. Like they yelled through a blizzard, but so loud that it could be made out. “Why be so mellow about it? We need to pull ourselves together to take back this body from him. So everybody unite with me in one awesome Parker Party! Say it with me! Parker Party!”
           While I worked my way through traffic all the voices besides Ollie and Benjamin chanted “Parker Party!” I wanted to speed. But getting pulled over by a police officer or worse getting in an accident would certainly doom me. I doubt I'd be able to carry any sort of conversation with whoever             I interacted with in a stressful situation. Benjamin and Ollie tried to argue against Parker but they were drowned out.
            Eventually while I pulled into the pharmacy drive-thru I heard Ollie chanting “Parker Party” while Benjamin became silent.
           “I am Jared,” I said to myself again and again. I can't give in. The person in front of me is about to move. I speak to the clerk and get my medication.
           “Parker Party,” I say to him with a smile while I grab the bag.
             “What was that?” He asked.
              “Nothing!” I replied. I drove to the middle of the near-empty parking lot. My vision grew blurry. I tried to say “I am Jared” but all that came out was “Parker Party”. I tore open the package and started to open some bottled water I brought with me to swallow the medication.
               Then Benjamin's voice yelled, louder than anything he'd ever yelled before, “I am Jared!”

               My vision became a more clear, just enough for me to take the medication. I think I passed out in the car. When I awoke stars hung over the parking lot and fotunately an officer didn't see me and mistake me for a drunk driver. I hurried home and ate. I didn't quite understand Benjamin's motives for saving me. In moments they would have taken over my body. He didn't do it for me, every time I heard the voices that one hated me. Eventually I put the thoughts of the matter away. Whatever they thought didn't matter as long as I had my medicine.

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