Monday, July 20, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Ghost And The Fairy

 “It's time for your shot.”
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They say that with morals it isn't just black and white, that there are sometimes grays. Well what happens when someone says yellow? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Ghost And The Fairy

          A ghost and a fairy lived in the same old house. The Adam haunted the house practicing creaking and booing in case anyone ever came up that lonely hill, while the Sarah sprinkled her magic dust to help the house's beautiful garden grow to be a wondrous sight for visitors. Years passed day in and day out the ghost and the fairy looked at each other through the window while they did their work, waiting for whatever human they could offer their spectacle. It's the role of mythical creatures to provide stimuli to the human soul, like through things like gardens or frights.
         An oilman came to the hill. The land's last owner died, an old rich man in a long lineage with land investments everywhere they never bothered visiting. With no inheritors the land became easier to get and Bob's workers told him oil could be found here. He always wanted to look at the land before a purchase. No forest, just a little old house. Practically perfect. The only environment he'd have to worry about was the this empty field. He didn't make as much money as other oil tycoons because of his insistence on drilling on empty land instead of just bribing who he needed to until he got permission to dig wherever.
          Bob walked up the hill and found the garden quite beautiful, he admired the Sarah's work for hours. After being enchanted he entered the house. Adam materialized and scared Bob, changing his beliefs quite a bit on how the world worked. However in the end he still had a job to do and had to pay his workers enough from going into debt.

          So in the end Bob erected a massive oil field around the house, leaving the old building and garden intact. Many rumors spread about why the massive fence surrounded such an innocent looking house on a hill. Nonetheless the fairy and the ghost continued their work. Sometimes employees sneaked over the fence out of curiosity. And over enough time Bob's oil farm left and new visitors came every decade or so.

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