Monday, July 27, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Magic Blueprinting

 “Don't put all your eggs in one basket.”
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Sometimes you find yourself between a rock and a classified place. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Magic Blueprinting

         “Should they be allowed to raise the dead?” the deity Balli sat on her chair while tapping a pen on her desk, one of the many pages of a blueprint of a new reality in front of her. “Oh, this is a tough one.” She ran the pen through her white hair then pushed it against the teal skin of her cheek. My first reality and I'm just lost at half the rules of magic. At least I'm allowed to copy the physics and languages and cultures.” The deity then remembered her sister changed the names of a bunch of things because she wanted to sound like she did a bunch of work. What did she change Olinese into again? English? The deities thought the sister was very lazy in her reality for one of her life bearing planets, Earth, that she merely “changed” magic by making it nearly impossible to use. Probably just so she didn't have to worry about them calling her. Apparently she was also sloppy in how she made it. Rumor has it that another deity came in and fixed up the place in six days.
       Balli didn't want to do a terrible job like her sister. She would make a good time line for it, at least a vague one, she didn't have the skill to plan out a full time line like other gods. Yeah, great fate for a good reality. She'd have humanity appear, like it did in many. She'd have other planets with other life. That'd be nice. Raising the dead though with the magic. That'd cause problems. Then she had a devious idea.
          She drew a little spaceship and a wizard on top of it. “Let's make magic and technology work together.” A doodle didn't serve as the best way to make a blueprint. But she wouldn't easily forget the idea she came up with. She smiled and drew an arrow to a little door she drew. “And let my universe's inhabitant's go to other universe's.”

          Balli knew that she couldn't plan time lines of universes well, but she hoped that the first universe that her inhabitants visited would be her sister's. It'd make fun dinner conversation if her wizards invaded that magicless “Earth” her sister created.

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