Thursday, July 23, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Happy Family

 “I'm telling Mom!”
Luke Skywalker* #quote

I don't understand why anyone would sucker punch someone. Sucker kicking is much more effective. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Happy Family

          A family of vultures perched on the branch of an old tree in the plains. Clawdia looked at her Mama, Papa and brother Beakly and said, “I'm hungry and hot. It isn't fair!”
Beakly then told her, “Quit your wining!”
         Papa lectured Beakly with his usual stern voice. “Now don't you yell at your sister. You know it's hot. And the hot times are the good times. Spread your wings and disperse the heat. The heat is a gift from the Almighty Bird.”

         Mama then motioned with her wing into the distance. “Look, the heat has given us new food. We've been blessed.” A weak deer stumbled towards the tree. It'd become delirious quite awhile ago and would soon pass out and die. The family would eat well tonight. The children flapped their wings excitedly waiting for the deer to drop.

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