Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Stubborn Snowman

“Don't drop the ball.”
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If up was down and left became right what would a cherry turnover look like? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Stubborn Snowman

          The children built Chillo the snowman like any other in the middle of the woods, but forgot him like any other when the game of building a snowman was done. The woods filled with snowmen by winters end. Heat came and the snow started melting. The usual cycle for water. Live the lives as clouds, rain, hail, snow, fog or even the little beads of sweat on a cup. All whatever nature demanded would be your reincarnation. That's how the spirits in water lived their experiences over time.
          The spirits traveling inside the water that made up Chillo formed an interesting bond. By chance a rebellious set of spirits became a singular snowman and began to mingle and talk. They wanted to break the rules and try something new.
          So against all logic when winter came to an end Chillo did not melt. The heat grew hotter and hotter and the snowman defied physics and refused to change shape. The spirits in the water decided they wanted to experience a summer in a tough, solid form. Not as clouds in the sky. One day during the hot summer they endured for their unique experience a near translucent, blue-suited man approached them.
          “Greetings Chillo my dear snowman, and all the spirits within,” Jack Frost said tipping an ethereal top hat to the snowman. He tapped a cane on the summer ground freezing it a little. “See how wrong this frost looks here? That's how you look, just wrong. You can't go against the rules like this. You're destroying the winters I so carefully create for everyone.”
           Chillo didn't give into his suggestions, and endured through the heat, even though the frost he created melted in the harsh heat with ease into a more comfortable form that they desired.
Jack Frost smiled and said, “What a hot day it is. I'd love to see a cloud in the sky. Gently drifting, giving me shade while it didn't have a care in the world.”
Chillo didn't give in.
           Jack Frost pointed at the Sun. “Blazingly hot isn't it? You sure are an awfully strong set of water spirits to keep that form. Why I couldn't imagine myself keeping a frosty form while that heat pounds on me day after day.”
            Chillo started to sweat just a little as the water spirits on the outside who took the brunt of the heat turned from snow to vapor.
            Jack Frost continued smiling. “It's relaxing isn't it? So what if you get to see a summer from the ground instead of the sky? The sky is better, more relaxing. Easier. Go along with your friends. You've seen enough.”
            More and more of Chillo melted away. The weaker water spirits fled to the outside of the snowman and the head collapsed. Jack Frost talked about the sky and floating and the heat around them. He never mentioned the beauty of the meadow around them. Chillo wanted to see the other three seasons up close as a snowman in this meadow.
            Eventually only half of the bottom of the snowman remained.
            Jack Frost looked at what remained at the snowman with an angry glare. “I've spent a lot of time on you spirits. I came each day to remind you of what is the right, proper way for water to live. Yet you remained here to mock me.”

            A cold wind blew through the air over Chillo, blowing some old yellow leaves with it. The snow that survived Jack Frost's words through the heat managed to take their form all the way through spring, summer, fall and into winter. They'd survived a year.

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