Thursday, July 9, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Written Up

“Slow and steady wins the race.”
Speed Racer* #quote

         CJ's coming over this weekend so that should be wonderfully wondertastic. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Written Up

       “So what form do you think you'll take?” Null asked Void as they hung in their limbo, waiting white expanse that holds them until they completely take shape. They existed only as voices in this strange place. And these voices went to each other more in the form of thoughts, conveying emotion but not anything like sex or what the other was like.
       Void responded, “It's up to them isn't it? I think I'm going to be a man because I'm getting this desire to be strong.”
        Null then managed to eek out a sassy feminine tone, “Stereotyping huh? Sounds like whoever you'll be isn't open minded!”
        Void then remarked, “Looks like you're the sassy female lead. You'd better hope you get more personality than that.”
        “What do you know, you haven't formed enough to have a voice!” Null's words now didn't come across to Void as neutral sounding thoughts, but as a full formed woman's voice.
         “Certainly more than you!” Void's thoughts echoed with a slight masculine voice.
         “You're annoying.”
          Void gasped, a new ability afforded to him by his voice. “We're bickering,” as Void finished his sentence his voice finished developing. Both Null and Void's bodies began forming.
          Null understood what this meant. They'd both just been born, but as Fictionilites they understood their nature and what would unfold. “We're the romantic leads aren't we?”

          Their bodies finished forming and they both smiled at each other. “This is wonderful!” They both yelled and hugged. Romantic leads! One of the best fates for Fictionilites they would most likely live through a story penned with a happy ending. Let the writer to gave them form give them a setting a plot that makes them live happily ever after.  

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