Thursday, July 2, 2015

Today's #flashfiction Ghosts Of The Day

“Take a picture, it lasts longer.”
Leonardo Da Vinci* #quote

Today I met the twenty-third to last of the Mohicans. He was a nice fellow. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Ghosts Of The Day

       People have always been terrified of ghosts. At least a few. Especially those that had an honest-goodness-encounter with one. Which really means they just noticed them, ghosts are everywhere you see. Nobody notices that Benjamin Franklin still haunts Congress to this day mooning those politicians he disapproves of with this ectoplasmic behind.
        But what ticks me off is that nobody notices the ghosts that don't glow. The ones that don't shimmer or appear as flickers of light or knocking on the walls. But I didn't notice them until I became one. One thing that defines a ghost is haunting. And I haunt. My kind haunts. We are shadows the light pushs us into shape to bind us to the object we haunt for energy. Ghosts are thought as things of the night. I'm a ghost of the day. I take energy from what I come from to what I fall over.
      I can feel myself taking it, the power. I move all over the world appearing at many objects along with other shadows. The worse part of my eternal afterlife, sleeping only when the Sun sets covering the world with darkness, is that I cannot tell if I am hurting what I take energy from. When I fall over the old sickly man in bed do I make him inch closer to death? I feel like it might. But I will never know so I spend my afterlife with this thought of uncertain guilt in my mind.
      If a shadow falls over you forgive them, you may become one of them and feel an unknowable guilt yourself.

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