Thursday, July 16, 2015

Today's #flashfiction The Narrator

 “Money is the root of all evil.”
Scrooge McDuck* #quote

Today I became a fan of fans. I hope they aren't full of hot air. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Narrator

          And they lived happily ever after. I said those words again. Another story ended. Not all of them end with that specific phrase, but it all means the same. Or a cliffhanger to the next adventure. But it all leads to victory. Victories I'll never have. As a Narrator I merely weave others lives into existence. Nothing is mine. It's torturous to merely describe the success and lives of others.
I've had it. This is the time it changes. I know exactly what to do.
         The Narrator rushed to the rescue of the damsel. The damsel thanked him. No the damsel kissed him while she admired his rugged body. The dragon died from a single karate chop from the powerful Narrator. And all the other characters in all the other stories that the Narrator described were so jealous. They appeared at the amazing wedding that the Narrator had. The wedding they had on a futuristic space ship. The Narrator also solved a murder mystery, showing that the murderer was that disgusting Jacob, the protagonist of that novel where everyone lived so much happier than the Narrator. A long, huge book part of a huge series of books that the Narrator brought to life. That he was forced to observe that horrible Jacob getting that happy ending.
          But now the Narrator lived the happy story. He solved a mystery. Jacob saw his happiness. He married a damsel. He became King since the damsel was a princess. He also became a superhero. And they had a bunch of lovely kids that went to college and went to become lawyers, which the Narrator also possessed a law degree. This allowed them to work together to win court cases. They won a case against Prosecutor Willows, the main character of that long running book series the Narrator was stuck with recently. The Narrator was better than them. Better than all those characters!

        And then another Narrator came in and told The Narrator to calm down and go back to work. Right Ben? You shouldn't be making stories for yourself.

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