Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Today's #flashfiction A Cartoon Game Of Cat And Mouse

“When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade.”
The Iron Chef* #quote

I wonder how much of history would have changed if Einstein combed his hair differently. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Cartoon Game Of Cat And Mouse

             The cartoon cat chased the mouse through the house. He tried to whack him and missed and the mouse whacked him instead. He managed to get in a hit after a bit more of chasing and whacking. He tried some traps to get the mouse, but they failed and they ended up in his cartoon body getting crushed, twisted and pulled before moving back into place. And also whacked.
           The violent shenanigans of the two continued day in, and day out as cat chased mouse. However in one moment, when the cat was making a trap for the mouse that required more thought than most his mind wandered. What if he had more to do than chase the mouse? His supposed owner hardly talked to him. He didn't remember eating or drinking all that often. Why was the dog only sometimes in the house? Why did he and the mouse suddenly wind up in different locations, like an opera house? Why did the house layout change? The world started to not make not all that much sense.

          Then the mouse obnoxiously taunted him, and the cartoon cat grew angry, swiftly going back to his work. He vowed to catch the mouse this time. And hopefully not get whacked.

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