Thursday, February 25, 2016

Today's flashfiction Robots Love Their Work

“What's up doc?”

Mr. Hyde* #quote

If ebooks completely take over...will we have have eshelves? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Robots Love Their Work

         Cars are the prettiest things. So many smooth curves, or jagged edges or so many other varied shapes perfect or flawed in form and thousands of colors to compliment them. Like jewels. They live and die just like people. There are many different types like people but so many of them are just the same so you can learn to know them like facts. Get a greater understanding of them.
         I loved cars. I love cars now. I will love cars forever and ever. I'm a robot with a high level artificial intelligence that works with cars and to make sure I put my all into my creators programmed me to love cars. Isn't it great to love? I love cars more than anything. I love working on cars to make them perfect. Cars are perfect when people love them. So I need to fix them up so people love them. I love fixed up cars. I love cars that I fix up. I love replacing bad parts. I love painting the cars. I love washing the cars. If I didn't have deadlines as a working robot I'd do it slowly to savor working on the cars that came into my shop.
        Do you love cars?

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