Friday, February 5, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Psychic Posting

“Keep it simple.”
Rube Goldberg* #quote

They say you learn from your mistakes. So if I mess up a lot, does that mean I'm well educated? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Psychic Posting

           In the world of psychic virtual reality social networking had evolved beyond simply posting messages on blogs or webpages or sending tweets on their phones. People's minds could directly manipulate and enter virtual space with simple helmets in this new world. So now they made little virtual worlds for their friends to visit where they posted objects that reflected their very minds.
            For non-psychics to completely understand these spaces would be difficult to impossible without direct experience. Posting of the mind is direct and pure. Something simple enough for a non-psychic to understand would be a posting of pain. It's a strong, and when perceived is a solid thing that becomes piecing, dominate and all encompassing in the tangible space it touches. The sensation of hurt becoming an object itself and processed by the mind that way.

            This is the simplest thing for a non-psychic. This specific example is one of an intense pain. One of both emotional and physical. The moment in an accident when you're leg is pinned and being crushed. Your bleeding out and hopelessly calling out. You're mind is posting to some virtual space, trying to reach someone, but even with the speed of the post no one can reach you. The cries of pain outside the virtual space will bring no one in time, so the emotional pain from knowing your inevitable death it near also fills the space. This is an example from the the life of one Mr. Sam Edwaen. Edwaen posted while driving, distracting him from the dangers on the road.

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