Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Terry's Life

“It's the little things that matter.”
Lemuel Gulliver* #quote

I remember the last time I remembered something, it was right before the time I remembered that thing I forgot. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Terry's Life

          Terry lived in an expanse of sand, surrounded by inescapable walls. His sole source of water lay on one side of the desert, while his food supply laid on the other. His legs were so weak he couldn't stand, so only a long, arduous crawl could allow him to move from each one. Terry's only true comfort was that whatever force put him in the expanse of sand replenished the food and water whenever he needed more. When he didn't need to desperately crawl from hunger or thirst he could just let his life pass by in lethargy.

         Such was the life of Terry the Turtle.

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