Monday, February 22, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Shielding Is Only One Option

“To dream the impossible dream.”
Freddy Krueger* #quote

I once wore a t-shirt to a party held by a penguin. It got exceptionally offended. It seems you're always supposed to wear suits at penguin parties. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Shielding Is Only One Option

           There are some in the world who shield themselves from things. Block it out in one way or another. Sometimes a valid defense, like if its weather a home, or if its a social problem a bit of isolation to cool off. Some people shield themselves by pretending the problem isn't their, ignorance is bliss. Those people aren't the worst with dealing with their problems.
           Barry didn't use the shield. He used the sword. And he used it well. A blizzard hit him while he climbed a mountain and he didn't retreat to a cabin like a sane man, he kept climbing, and some crazy resolve kept his body alive. He argued through every social problem, and as far as he was concerned, even if people hated him he was right in the end. He didn't feign ignorance to other problems, he tackled everything that bothered him, whether he was right or wrong. Sometimes he did help himself and other people with his resolve and fighting spirit, but he also caused problems.
           The times when he helped greatly involved charities. He banged on doors for contributions. Banged and banged. However involvement in one of the many charities that he used to help him solve the problems of the world as he teared his sword at it in fury made him catch the smell of something fishy. A small bit of embezzlement from the charity from a politician led him to more embezzlement led him to more and more. He uncovered what could only described as a conspiracy fitting for television.

           And when he presented the proof to the world the politicians slandered him so hard to discredit him that Barry had no choice but to fall on his sword and retreat into isolation. He went back to shielding himself from the problems of the world. However some news journalists did believe him and decided to pick up the sword he left behind, so the politicians were not as safe as they thought...

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