Monday, February 8, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Story Of A Story

“It's what's on the inside that counts.”
Doctor Jekyll, The Strange Case Of Doctor Jekyll And Mr. Hyde* #quote

         My friend Jessica is coming over this weekend. And she'll be showing me this Japanese only game(at least so far, though since it's text heavy it does have a low chance of coming to America) called Detective Pikachu. It has an Pikachu(the adorable little mouse mascot from Pokemon) as a detective. Hilariously he has a deep, tough-guy voice. I heard it in the trailer for the game when I watched it online, so I haven't seen the thing in person yet, so I'm excited for Jessica coming over.
CJ could also be coming over too, so we'll all enjoy Pikachu's jump into grizzly detectivehood. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Story Of A Story

           An old warrior of ancient time past told his grandson the tale of a battle he fought against a neighboring tribe. A valiant battle against ruthless looters. And that grandson told that tale to his grandson. Eventually the rival tribe's name was changed, then lost completely as they became a monster instead of people.
          The story landed in the hands of an English poet over centuries of being passed on. He wrote it down, the battle of centuries ago now becoming about a man named Beowulf. This poem survived time as was replicated and passed on.
           People changed this story, changing it for themselves. Taking the structure, or even the character's names themselves. The story of the figure Beowulf fighting the monster Grendel even became movies, a technology beyond the thought of people in those days past.

           All from the tale of an old warrior told his grandson about defending his tribe.

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