Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Photogenic Memory

“A penny saved is a penny earned.”
M.C. Hammer* #quote

How many people took a middle step between “the world is flat” to the “world is round”. Like thinking “the world is triangular”. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Photogenic Memory

                Janice did not possess the trait of photographic memory, rather she possessed photogenic memory. She remembered everything in a lovely way. Nothing was terrible. Everything was edited by her mind to be just fine, interpreted that way, or her mind just lied to itself. This editing occurred about every hour.
               This meant Janice still experienced everything, she just merely remembered it differently. A blessing or a curse? It's difficult for her to wonder, but her mind even edits movies after she's seen them. Every single conversation that hit her poorly was edited. And pain. Pain was re-experienced for the first time every hour if she found the misfortune of meeting it again.
            “What is this!?” Janice screamed one happy, sunny Tuesday. A simple paper cut becomes a new kind of hell at the age of thirty for Janice. Because of her mind's mental editing, she now felt it for the first time and cried like a newborn. Just like she'd done thousands of times before.
              But in about fifteen minutes the next hour mark of mental editing would come and she wouldn't remember the experience and concept of physical pain, and it would become something to be discovered once again. But in the meantime before the next sorrow struck Janice's memory editing would make her one of the most happy people on Earth.

               The question people ask themselves when they meet Janice is should they envy or pity her?

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