Friday, February 12, 2016

Today's #flashfiction LancesQuest

“What goes up must come down.”
Superman* #quote

Y'know since compasses always point to the North Pole it could be that it has nothing to do with magnetism and they're just detecting Santa. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Lance's Quest

          Lance embarked on his quest five years ago, spending what savings he had to begin his journey and living off the land or raiding the dens of demons for treasure to feed himself. Nearly dying became an unfortunate habit for him.
          He became an adventurer to gather enough Summon Stones of Summoning to bring forth a happiness fairy. Happiness fairies are one of the most powerful fairy types. Few have ever gathered enough Summon Stones of Summoning to bring one to them, and get the gift of happiness that these powerful fairies bestow. Scrolls say that the gifts are custom made by the fairy for the one who summons them.
         Lance felt empty in his life, so he went on his quest to find the happiness promised to him. He spent five years delving into the deep lairs of dragons to find Summon Stones of Summoning. The dragons use the warmth of the stone to breed, so they take them from humans and hide them away along with their nests as far away from humanity as they can.
        Lance's long hair was burnt away to a short ragged bush during one of his battles. Further fights dragons turned his once fair skin from youth into a scarred, beaten mess that darkened with many tans from walking long distances in sunlight. His eyes, though still the same bright green that he had when he started his quest five years ago, had a more tired gaze.
       But with those five long years he had them, ten Summon Stones of Summoning. He gathered them on a full moon and brought forth the happiness fairy while he stood in ragged cloth in his camp and his armor on the ground. He still always carried his sword on a sheath in his belt just in case.
         A little golden rosebud with wings appeared and sparkled in the night lighting up the whole forest around him. The summoning had been successful.
         “Now I can finally have my happiness,” Lance smiled.
         The happiness fairy flew a few laps around him and spoke in a voice similar to a a young teenage girl. “I know right? I have been thinking about this for like two years when I realized you'd actually pull it off. Unlike most people that die halfway through.”
         Lance couldn't quite muster up a response, especially since he was expecting something a bit more majestic... like the beautiful healing faeries that resembled beautiful women in gorgeous dresses that visited cities and cured the sick.
         She continued talking, the fluttering of her wings increasing in speed, “I figured out what you'd love the most in the world. Ta-dah!” A massive scroll appeared at Lance's feet. On it was a list of magical artifacts that were scattered across the globe.
        “W-what am I looking at?” Lance asked as he picked up the scroll.
          The fairy then said, “It's another quest! You completed the quest to get the Summoning Stones of Summoning so quickly it must mean that you love questing more than anyone in the whole wide world! So I gave you a list of items from all around the world to quest for. Aren't I a genius? So, yeah, I got places to be, toodles!” The fairy vanished with a loud pop.

           When the fairy stopped talking only the sounds of the forest remained. The owl hoots and rustling of the leaves. A few animals moving about. Lance laid down to rest, holding the scroll so that he could start his quest the next day.

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