Saturday, February 20, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Coins

“It's hammer time!”
Bob the Builder* #quote

Went to my card game thing today, it was funtastic. Anyway onto the flash fiction!


          The businessman walked on an ocean of coins that streched into the distance. He tried digging into the coins to see if there was a bottom, but six hours of trying led nowhere. So he walked, trying to find something besides coins. He slipped less after the first few days, a certain kind of finesse was needed to walk on the coins. The air was filled with the smell of rust and nowhere was comfortable for him to sleep. His feet often bled after he walked.
          After a few weeks of travel he realized he couldn't die from exposure or starvation. The coins rattled beneath him on a night when a nickel colored moon hung in the sky.

         “Walk far enough and you'll find the door out. That's how your personalized circle of hell works. It's just like jail, serve your time and you're out. Except unlike when you were alive you can't hire fancy lawyers to get yourself out of your crimes and pin it on someone else,” when the demonic voice talked to him the ocean of coins rattled. The voice laughed, “Coins. Fitting for charity embezzler isn't it? Have fun with the rest of your redemption.”  

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