Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Today's #flashfiction It's Good To Be Alive

“Do these come in a seven?”
Dorothy, The Wizard Of Oz* #quote

The way things are going in this world, I'm thinking instead of people saying “hit him with the book” they'll say, “hit him with the iPad”. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

It's Good To Be Alive

           “It's good to be alive!” shouted Victor as he skydived. He enjoyed the thrill of such an activity, he hiked, he rock climbed, he explored deep caves. He swam deep undersea. He enjoyed having such amazing options with his massive retirement fund he built through lucky investing. He continued his education, though he didn't bother buying books. Victor thought that's why the instructor gave him the cold shoulder. He noticed lots of people gave him the cold shoulder. Even though he waited in line said, excuse me, and waited for them to pass, they just didn't respond.
          Still, no matter how people treated him, he was happy to tell the world how good it was to be alive. Despite the fact that he lied to himself. He died quite some time ago and became a ghost, people gave him the cold shoulder because they couldn't see him. Victor's mind edited out contradictions to his current situation, pretending that he opened doors instead of walked through them. He pretended that the plane lifted him up when he skydived instead of him choosing to float with it. He pretended he had a parachute. He had no retirement fund, he made it all up to explain away everything in his ethereal mind.

         In the end though for Victor, it was better to be alive. It allowed him smile, even though his body was made of ectoplasm.

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