Monday, February 29, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Elven Employment

“Now where did I park?”
Wonder Woman* #quote

Did you know that one in ten hamburgers is a hamburger? And so are the other nine! Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Elven Employment

         The elves worked and worked, painting the eggs. Huh? Were you expecting elves to be working on presents? No, that's what they do in winter working for Santa Claus. Everybody needs a job, and right after Christmas the elves pack up and go work for the Easter Bunny, who is just as ruthlessly strict a boss. Can't miss a single stroke of magic paint or else an egg will go bad while it waits in the Easter Bunny's massive warehouse from January until Easter day for him to deliver. And after they finished working for the Easter Bunny it was straight back to working for Santa, making toys for the many months before Christmas so there would be enough for him to deliver.

       At least the Headless Horseman always invites all the elves to his Halloween parties.

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