Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Home And The Fire

“Twinkle, twinkle little star.”
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Gonna hang with my Gma this Friday. It looks to be a possible adventurous adventure I say. Also CJ may come over on Saturday, so that will be another adventurous adventure, so many adventures all the way around eh?

The Home And The Fire

            One of my nerves, called an electrical wire by my residents, sparked and started the fire. The flames build up within me and the smoke starts pushing out everywhere it can. I'm only a house, I can't help myself in such a dire time, I can't call for help when the fire tears through me stronger than a wrecking ball. My owners already managed to run.
          The firemen have come. My salvation! They're pouring water on me and pushing the flames back. The heat that fills me cools, but flames are everywhere within me. The firemen may cleanse the damage from one place, but no sooner do flames come from the roof and sprout out of me like horns.
         Without any people inside of me I hoped that the firemen fought for me with some kind of empathy for homes. I'd lived a long time, fifty years, and had some very classic tastes. But then I noticed that they had a pattern to where they shot their water. They focused on the outside of me. They didn't want to save me. They merely wanted to save other homes. The firemen considered me a lost cause.

        I was doomed to feed the flames until they exhausted. And whatever skeleton that remained of me would not be repaired, but demolished for a new home. On this realization I let my hope fall and just felt the remaining smoke rise out of me into the sky while the fire ate me.

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