Sunday, October 9, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Alien's Negotiations

“The early bird gets the worm.”
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If walls could talk do you think they'd complain about your decorating? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Alien's Negotiations

         “Three thousand Flargs,” the alien salesman said in a strange language while his tentacles flapped around on his face.
         “Three thousand? That's ridiculous!” The potential buyer was more like a slug than the salesman who resembled more of a lobster. But both had twelve tentacles flailing over their mouths as they talked. “Two thousand Flargs.”
          The salesman's tentacles wrapped together as a spoke, a sort of otherworldly smile. “Now Sir, you are obviously a collector and you know how rare this is. My shop is one of rarities and we went to a lot of work to get this. The permits alone to get ships to go to the planets to get these kinds of products and get them to our stores are massive capital. Our prices are reasonable. But I'd say I can cut it down since you are a regular. How about Twenty-five hundred Flargs?”
         “Twenty-two hundred and you have a deal.” The buyer pulled out his identification and interplanetary credit cards.

           The salesman added, “Enjoy your purchase.” The salesman loved the buyer. A collector like him always came back for more. After all, humans keep releasing comic books for his store to import and sell to human media fanatics like him. However wearing the human disguises when on Earth to get product was always the most uncomfortable thing he's ever done. Though he'd forget about the pain of wearing the disguise when he spent all the Flargs he made.

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