Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Today's #flashfiction The Semicolon Is The Loneliest Punctuation Mark

“'ve got to ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?"”
Wheel of Fortune*

I wonder if origami artists consider paper cuts an occupational hazard. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

The Semicolon Is The Loneliest Punctuation Mark

; ----> Exclamation Point, do you know why nobody likes me?
! -----> I like're my best friend.
; -----> I meant everybody else. Not just the other punctuation marks but the humans too.
! -----> Well, maybe they're just judging you on your looks. Maybe you look intimidating because you're both a period and a comma at the same time.
; -----> Really? You think it's intimidating? Question Mark said I look like a freak and should stay away from period and comma just not to scare them.
! -----> Don't listen to Question know he's a jerk. You'd get along with plenty of people.
+ ----> Hey Exclamation Point, how's it going?
! ----> Hey Plus Sign. What brings a mathematical symbol to our side of town.
+ ---> Just hangin''s that?
; ----> Hi! My name is semicolon!
+ ---> Never heard of ya.
; ----> I'm a punctuation mark just like Exclamation Point. Wanna hang out?
+ ---> Nah, I'll's just. You're one thing on top of another. And in math land...well one thing on top of the other is exponential and things always get complicated when that I'll pass. I don't wanna be rude...but I gotta go.
; ----> I told you nobody likes me Exclamation Point.
: ----> Hey little bro.
; ----> Hey, colon.
: ----> How's it going?
; ----> Fine. Just hanging out with Exclamation Point.
: ----> Hah, that loser? I told you, you can totally hang out with my crew.
; -----> Hey, Exclamation Point is my best friend! And I don't like any of your friends. They're all hotheaded, idiots. All Start Quote can do is repeat someone else's opinion. He can't come up with any original ideas. Besides who to freeload off of. And you keep making me pay back everything you owe to End Quote!
: -----> Why you...!
! -----> Stop your arguing! Ampersand is coming over here!
; -----> Wait Ampersand?
: The hottest, curviest punctuation symbol of them all?
& ----> So guys, what are you talking about?
: ----> Manly things.
; ----> Astrophysics.
! ----> Puppies.
& ----> Right...
: ----> I must say you are looking beautiful today Ampersand.
& ----> That's what all the men say. Besides Ellipses. He never says anything. To anyone. Ever.
; -----> We look the same everyday. Isn't saying she looks beautiful today kinda stupid? It's kinda like saying the sky is blue today.
! -----> Haha, Semicolon is right. We always do look the same.
& ----> So you're the ever-elusive, legendary Semicolon?
: ----> Legendary? My brother is no legend.
& ----> Well you see him so little people hardly know he exists. I think I've ever hardly been in the same sentence with him or anyone else for that matter. And you all know how easy it is to forget a single sentence. I think the humans have a phobia of him. Maybe he's too cool for 'em? Hehe.
: ----> He's a freak! Look at the comma tail!
& ----> I think the comma tail is cute.
; -----> What?
! ----> Oh, Ampersand, he was too nervous to say it but Semicolon was planning to ask you out on a date.
& ----> I'd love to. He is very mysterious and unused. So few humans use him. Makes him feel forbidden y'know?
: ----> I hate you Exclamation Point.

! ----> I'm just helping out a friend; I got you back for calling me a loser too.

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