Friday, October 14, 2016

Today's #flashfiction One Little Mistake

 “Measure twice, cut once.”
Freddy Kruger* #quote

CJ's coming over this weekend, so hopefully no alien mutants drop by. They always hog the video games. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

One Little Mistake

\         “You locked the keys inside the getaway car.” The Brains resisted punching the brawn. “How could you be such an idiot!?”
           The Brawn shrugged. “Could have been born that way?” He still held the bags of money from the bank with ease.
            The Comic Relief, honked the clown nose on his black bank robber's mask then interjected,                 “Hyuk! Let's just find a way to open the car and get on outta her before the coppers grab and bag us!”
             The Brains tried to pick the lock on the door. He failed. The Brawn tried to break in by force. He failed. The Comic Relief tried to use pie. He failed.

            The police nabbed the bank robbers, who learned a lesson in making sure to worry about all the little details.

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