Monday, October 31, 2016

Today's #flashfiction How Many Doors?

Luca Brasi*

Happy Halloween folks! I wonder if any zombies or other creatures of the night read my blog? If ya do here's a special shout out to you, and onto the flash fiction!

How Many Doors?

           “Exactly fifteen doors my queen. Fifteen doors and we'll be dead.” The servant told his master.
           “We have guards at each one. They're all shut tight. We'll be safe right?” The queen said to her servant.
            “No my queen. We won't be safe. The entire country has revolted. Eventually they will get through. The fifteen doors between the front of the castle and your throne room will fall. The castle is only so big, and eventually the revolutionaries will flood it.” The servant went to his knees. He wanted to give her the comfort that at least one man in the country still wanted to follow her whim.
            “I shouldn't have asked how many doors there were. Even if they don't break through we would just starve in here.” The queen began to cry. “They're going to kill us. Torture me. I-I have tortured them. There has to be some way out.”
            “There is no way to escape the throne room my queen,” The servant responded.
            “There is!” She yelled, “The open window!”
The servant shook his head. “It's a fifty foot drop. You would die.”
             “I'll commit suicide then. I won't let them torture me and give them the satisfaction.” The queen began to tremble in fear. “But I don't think I have the will to kill myself.”
             “My queen..” The servant frowned.
              The queen clenched her fist. “Push me!”
              “W-what?” The servant stuttered with disbelief.
              “Push me through the window. Save me from their wrath. But tell them I was attempting to escape and plan a counterattack. That's what I want the history books to say. You must do this for me.” She saw fear and hesitation in her servant's eyes. “I beg you. I cannot face them.”

              “Yes my queen,” he replied after a deep breath.

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