Monday, October 3, 2016

Today's #flashfiction A Day In The Life Of Len Woods The Time Traveler

Hi Ho Hi Ho , Its Off To Work We Go!!”
The A-Team*

Next time you're doing a mundane task, like laundry or vacuuming or something, imagine that you're doing it surrounded by an intense battle from Lord of The Rings while epic orchestra music plays. It'll make it a little less dull. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

A Day in the Life of Len Woods The Time Traveler

7:00 AM- Len wakes up and eats breakfast. Looks at his plans for today's heist.

8:00 AM -Len travels back in time to ancient Egypt to steal a valuable item of his choosing.

9:00 AM -Len is shot to death by several officers after violently resisting arrest.
10:00 AM -Len returns from ancient Egypt with with the item to sell on the black market.

11:00 AM -Time police arrive at Len's mansion with arrest warrant for his abuse of time travel over the years. Len sees them and flees into his time machine. He grabs his portable time machine, which only allows time travel throughout the frame of a single day and flees.
NOON: With their technology the officers detect Len's use of a portable device and send some of their own in pursuit, leaving a few behind as backup.

1:00 PM: The backup officers die in a massive explosion.

2:00 PM: Officers arrive from the future and steal Len's car to prevent his escape.

3:00 PM: Len arrives from future and attempts to get his car and realizes the officers have taken it before getting close enough for them to notice. Starts fleeing to a friend's house.

4:00 PM: Reaches the friend's house who is also a fellow criminal, but on parole for her own time travel crimes.

5:00 PM: The time police come into the house to retrieve Len near the end of the hour.

6:00 PM: Len's friend apologies and says she needs any sort of reward money for Len's capture. Len retreats to 9:00

7:00 PM: Len's friend decides whether or not to call the time police upon seeing her friend. Decides to call them and keep the current timeline stable instead of canceling it and keeping her friend at her home.

8:00 PM: Len's friend cries herself to sleep.

9:00 PM: Len comes out a time portal from when he originally fled at 11:00. Seeing the front part of his mansion in ruin and an unstable time effect he pulls out a bomb from his belt, one of the many weapons he takes on his time travel trips and throws it back in time.

10:00 PM: Len gathers his valuables from the parts of his home that were not destroyed in the explosion.

11:00 PM: Officers arrive through a portal made from their own portable time devices. Len panics as he assumed he killed them all. He flees. The day is coming to close and he knows he can only leap forward when the next day comes. But leaping too close to the next day would destabilize the belt. He flees backward in time two hours.

MIDNIGHT: Officers close in on Len outside his home. They missed him in pursuit as he fled at 11:00, they travel further back in time, instead of going at 11:00 AM as they did the first time, they arrive at 9:00 AM

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