Sunday, October 2, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Ruined Infamy

“Don't sweat the little details.”
Gulliver's Travels* #quote

Had fun with CJ today, as usual there weren't too many alien attacks.

Ruined Infamy

          The supervillain readied his weather control device. Soon the name Doctor Weatherize would be known the world over as something to be feared. He would make a hurricane for each continent, and each would move from the bottom of the continent to the top. Several nations of his choosing would be devastated in the most prime locations.
          He would become the most infamous villain of them all. His dreams made him ready for this.
However he did forget to unzip one of the .destruction files he put in the program. So instead he created a very pleasant change in weather. Rain where there were droughts. Sun where an unusually harsh winter hit. Things became all around better. People loved it and scientists and the military traced it all to him.

         He was forced to become a hero...fame was a second best option for him, but after the world forced the role on him he was fine with it. Well, okay, the little bit of the evil that remained of heart did miss his lost destiny. But not everyone can get what they want.  

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