Sunday, October 16, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Refund From The Wishing Well

“Seek and ye shall find.”
Waldo* #quote

Had fun with CJ today. Better than not having fun. Or having an invasion of zombies. Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Refund From The Wishing Well

         “Mr. Magic Wishing Well I want a refund!” One little boy shouted into a well during a hot summer's day.
         “ doesn't work like that,” Though the spirit of the Magic Wishing Well hardly spoke to humans it responded to this unique statement.
         “Well I paid you a whole quarter that I got for my tooth from the tooth fairy and you didn't give me my wish so I want my money back!”
         “Um, you asked for dinosaur best friend that could do all your homework. I couldn't grant that.”
         “Yeah, so I want a refund.”
         “Well, I can't give you a refund.”
         “Why not?”
         “I can't.”
         “Dad get's a refund at the hardware store, I should get a refund here.”
         “I'm not a hardware store.”
         “Do I need to talk to your manager?”
         “What!? I don't have a manager!”
         “Funny, that's what Dad always says when he wants a refund.”
          “I'm not a hardware store, and I don't have a manager!”
         “Then I'll sue!”
         “You can't sue a wishing well kid!”
         “That always works on TV.”
         “Just go home kid.”
         “No. It hurt to get my tooth pulled out. So either give me my wish or give me a refund.”
         “Wishing wells can't give refunds. Offerings in wells are a one way ticket! It's a rule!”
         “I'm not leaving until I get a refund, and I'm going to file a complaint!”
         “You can't file a complaint! That's impossible!”
         “I'm still not leaving!”
         “Fine, well it's not possible for me to give you a refund I guess I have no choice...”

The little boy then got his wish for a dinosaur best friend that could do all his homework.

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