Saturday, October 15, 2016

Today's #flashfiction Dinner Mob Wars

“Size matters not.”
Gulliver* #quote

I wonder if popsicles were cheap during the ice age? Anyway onto the flash fiction!

Dinner Mob Wars

           Once the Steak Police lost their dominance in the Dinner Table City no one was safe. Every meal was up for grabs with each mob family waging war for dominance over it all. Most were easily crushed, the war being swift and brutal. The war met an ugly stalemate when two equally strong families took dominance over various plates all over Dinner Table City. The Fruits and the Veggies. Since they were evenly matched the fighting was long and grueling, much ketchup was spilled. The profits from illegal salt and pepper passing fueled the mob wars. It seemed like nothing could lead to peace in Dinner Table City.

           Then dessert was served. The Ice Cream special forces came in. They personally went after the mob bosses of the Fruit and Veggie families and eliminated them. Chaos ensued as people tried to fill in the power vacuum, but the Ice Cream special forces managed to launch special operations to bust each usurper of power one by one. Dinner Table City was saved.

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